The secrets of eating – How to eat what you eat!


No matter what you talk about, if you want right results, you must do things rightly. That’s the same for our health too. Unless we keep it right, we won’t be able to live optimally. We have forgotten few important things on health taught by our ancestors who lived greatly without any such facilities and technologies that we have today.

It is said that, our stomach is the second brain of our body. Because, it decides what and how much to put into your body and keep it going. In Gita, there is a shloka which says that we should drink out food and eat our drink. Reason behind this is if you chew your food for 40 times before taking it in, all the starch and glucose gets digested in your mouth itself and the load for the stomach gets reduced. It’s proven from a medical study that no matter what, our stomach can’t keep our food beyond 3 hours. So, if the food is chewed well it will be fully digested in the stomach. Otherwise it will go the small intestines half digested and then all the wrong things will be assimilated into the body making us fat. In fact, all the gastric deseases arise out of this. One more benefit is that, if we chew each bite 40 times, the time it takes to finish the meal is much longer. The stomach will send the full signal to the brain after the right amount is consumed preventing over eating. Wonderful, isn’t it?

At first, your mind will not let you concentrate on chewing making you impatient. But trust me, if you practice it and make it a habit, there is nothing more beautiful than this. You will begin to feel light and active from the first day itself. And it won’t cost you anything. So, give it a try and let me know how much difference you feel.


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